Something to Celebrate

Stress-Free Events

Posted on: November 17, 2008

Whether it be a fairy-tale wedding or Thanksgiving dinner for 20, all special occassions usually start out as a fantastic idea and then become extremely overwhelming when you realize how much work it is going to take to make it happen the way you want!

I love the details, though.  I have the kind of mind that thinks in lists with bullet points and as weird as that may seem, it comes in handy when there are a million things that need to be done for an event to appear flawless! 

I believe I have been given the ability to plan events to help others truly enjoy their special occassion instead of be so exhaused and stressed by the time it arrives that they are miserable during the event.  I decided to create a blog not only for informational purposes about my event planning business, but also so that I can provide great event planning tips on a regular basis and provide immediate stress relief to those who are doing it on their own!

Everyone has Something to Celebrate at some point in their lives.  I hope I can help you truly celebrate!

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