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Top 10 Holiday-isms In Need of Retirement

Posted on: December 21, 2008

The dreaded fruit cake makes the list at #10

The dreaded fruit cake makes the list at #10

There are a few Holiday practices that unfortunately have become common traditions over the years.  I apologize in advance for offending those of you who hold any of the following items on my Top 10 list near and dear to your heart 🙂  In my opinion, these “holiday-isms” as I call them are extremely annoying, worn out and should be retired…permanently.

10.  Fruit Cake
I mean, do people actually still give this stuff to their friends/family/loved ones/enemies?  It should stop.  Now.
9.  Wreaths on the front of vehicles
Isn’t this a hazard or something?  It looks ridiculous.  Wreaths belong on doors or windows–I’ll even accept walls.
8.  Egg Nog
For years I actually thought I would “grow into” loving the nog.  However, every year after one sip of the thick yellow stuff I remembered why the carton was still in my fridge come February.  This is not an acquired taste.  It’s gross.
7.  Caroling
Think about this: You’re “surprising” someone who you are assuming is just sitting around doing nothing, wants to hear Christmas music (even though it’s on the radio 24/7), and is good with smiling awkwardly at you throughout 4 verses of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”.
6.  Christmas Cards with a Signature Only
What is the point of sending a Christmas Card to someone if you just sign your name on it?  Nothing personal just a little Hallmark Merry Christmas message and then “Betty Johnson” or “Joe Schmo”.  Thank you for contributing to my recycling bin.
5.  The “Brag Letter” Included in a Christmas Card
So, I give you points for making the Christmas Card more personal (you escaped #6).  However, a single-spaced, 2-sided page of how awesome you and your kids are does not put me in the Christmas spirit.
4.  Christmas music on the radio before Thanksgiving
Can we not at least celebrate Thanksgiving first?  Let’s not wear out Rudolph.  
3.  Inflatable Decorations
My husband always teases me about wanting to pop all of the blow-up Snow Men and Santa’s in our neighborhood and although I would never do such a thing, it is fun to think about.
2.  Hot Chocolate Mix Gifts
I admit that I am guilty of giving this as a gift to everyone I knew one year.  I love hot chocolate but so many people are giving this as a gift that it is not so neat anymore.  Plus, it’s never as good as the hot chocolate at Starbucks.
1.  Chinese Christmas/Ornament/White Trash Gift Exchange
Basically any kind of gift exchange where you have to draw a number and can steal from people has really gotten old.  I’ve done this kind of thing so many times that I actually dread it.  The only good side?  You now have another great addition for your spring garage sale!  Someone else will probably buy it from you for their white trash gift exchange.

If you are practicing any of these holiday-isms, don’t worry, there is hope!  There are so many great things you can do during the Holidays that are creative, fun and represent the true reason for the season.  One thing you can do at parties instead of the typical draw-a-number-and-steal gift exchange is have everyone bring 1-2 canned goods as their gift instead.  Collect the canned goods and put them in a decorated box.  Then, donate the box to a local food pantry. also has a great article entitiled “10 New Holiday Traditions”:  Try incorporating some new traditions into your holidays but remember, quality time with your family and truly celebrating Jesus’ birth is the most important tradition you can have!  Merry Christmas!

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