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boy-and-girlValentine’s Day is just around the corner and 2009 holds your chance to do it up right!  Sure, you’re watching your spending…who isn’t?  There are still plenty of affordable ways to celebrate love in a sweet and special way.  I’m including some of these affordable options and also what, in my opinion, are the major “don’ts” for Valentine’s Day!


  • Roses–
    Did you know studies show that people who receive flowers experience instant delight and feel the positive effect for days?  Leave a positive impression on your sweetheart in an affordable way by either purchasing roses (or your sweetheart’s favorite flower) from a wholesaler like Costco ($14.99/2 dozen) or have them delivered by a LOCAL florist.  A florist local in my area, Flower Time (Corinth), is offering a free box of chocolates with your order if you have it delivered on Feb. 11 or 12.  See “don’ts” for a warning against using internet florists.
  • Get sentimental–
    Instead of spending big bucks on a dinner at a high-end restaurant you’ve never been to before, take the sentimental route.  You could have dinner at the place where you had your first date (unless you are a high roller and took your date to III Forks).  If your first date was at a sporting event, you could always re-create the moment at home or at a park with hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, etc.  Picnics are also sweet and very economical.  Visit the new Kroger in Denton (within walking distance from my house, aren’t you jealous?) and stock up your picnic basket with goodies from their deli–they even have a tortilleria!
  • Say ‘I love you’ in the A.M.–
    Dining out for breakfast can be more affordable than lunch or dinner so why not celebrate Valentine’s Day in the morning?  Go to your favorite breakfast establishment or get something to-go and have it in bed!  Crickle’s and Co. (located inside New York Sub Hub in Corinth) serves amazing breakfast (dine in or to-go) from 6-10 am and on Valentine’s Day will be offering buy 1 breakfast, get 1 50% off!


  •  Coupon books–This may SEEM like a cute idea but it’s really just cheaping out.  There is a difference between affordable and cheap (hint: cheap is bad).  All of the coupons may include really nice gestures but most of the time they’re never “cashed out”…instead, the book ends up in a drawer somewhere.  If you want to provide a nice service or gesture just DO IT, don’t make a coupon out of it.
  • Sweethearts Conversation Hearts–yet another instance where you can go TOO cheap.  These things are just sugar and food coloring and gross.  Some of the sayings might be cute but I’d honestly rather have slice and bake cookies with sweet saying written on in icing.  At least I would know it took some effort to slice the cookies and put them in the oven 🙂
  • On-line/Virtual Florists–This can really get you into trouble if you think you’re getting a good deal.  Many on-line florists claim to be your “local” florist but are really thousands of miles away and will take more of your money to outsource your order to some florist of THEIR choice.  They don’t know a gerber daisy from a daffodil and will remove up to 25% of your dollars spent before sending your order to a flower shop.  Local florists are in the business to give you the best flowers and actually know what the best flowers ARE for the season.  They save you time and money and give you a more accurate idea of what you are getting when you order.

So there you have it, my do’s and don’t for celebrating Valentine’s Day.  To find out about other restaurants and events offering Valentine’s specials or ways to celebrate a good place to check is  Also, grab a copy of the Feb. 1st Denton Record-Chronicle–my interview about celebrating Valentine’s Day on a budget is in the Business Section of this issue or you can check it out here: 

Take time to make those you love feel truly special this Feb. 14th and really every day! 

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Sean and I enjoying the Stars Game

There are so many ways to bring in the new year and I hope you enjoyed however you celebrated the beginning of 2009!

My husband, Sean, and I took part in the huge New Year’s Eve Celebrate in Dallas’ Victory Park, otherwise known as Big D NYE.  Being the event planner that I am has tainted me in the way that I cannot attend ANY type of event without taking mental notes on things I would like to steal for my events and of course critiques of everything I thought went wrong. 

Since Santa brought Sean NYE Star’s tickets, we began with the hockey game at American Airlines Center in the heart of Victory Park.  We sat on the Platinum Level which gives you access to all of this really great food (which is the most important part of sporting events to me haha).  I had a BBQ Brisket Grilled Cheese on Jalapeno Cheddar bread and french fries hot outa the grease…ah healthy and delicious!

After the game (which the Stars WON by the way!) we SHOULD have gone straight out to the plaza to get a good spot for the main band, countdown and fireworks.  Instead, we opted to stay in the warmth as long as we could and chit- chat with a radio personality Sean used to work with.  We failed to realize that 25,000 others were already getting ready for the outdoor festivities.

By the time we got outside we did not even make it onto the plaza level.  The police stopped letting people in that area (that was closest to the stage) but we did manage to make it to the front of the “second place” area.  We stood there smushed up against strangers for almost 2 hours but it was fun doing the count down to 2009.  I was proud of myself for making it to midnight considering I’ve been on my 7.5 month old’s bed time for quite awhile 🙂

Here are my opinions on what was good and bad about this huge event!
*Food/bar options and restrooms on the Platinum Level inside American Airlines Center
*The bands playing prior to the game at Victory Plaza (way awesome stage–probably a $20,000 or more set up)
*Being able to see Channel 8 news personalities
*The gigantic screens in Victory Plaza allowing you to see everything going on.  The screens move too and come together to form one massive screen.  So cool!
*The count down with 25,000+ people
*My 2009 kiss with my hubbie

*There were about 5 Budweiser tents set up near the stage that sold beer, wine, champagne, and a few food items.  Unfortunately, only about 25 people could probably get to these tents since only the people on the plaza had access to them and they were so smushed up they couldn’t move.
*Not being able to access the plaza even though there was still lots of room there.  Everyone who had a Stars ticket should have been able to be in the prime area since we paid to be there.
*The crazy people who thought if they pushed hard enough somehow they would make it to the stage.  Annoying.
*The lame fireworks show after the count down.  I think Dallas could have afforded more.
*The 2 hours it tooks us to get out of the parking lot–traffic control anyone?

Despite the issues this event had, Sean and I still had an awesome time and will always remember the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009.  I hope one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to celebrate more in 2009 because there’s always Something to Celebrate!  Happy New Year!

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