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Stark-Lawson Wedding

Posted on: May 1, 2009

Audrey Stark and Michael Lawson were married on April 25th at the Old Chapel in Farmers Branch Historical Park and had their reception at the home of the bride’s parents.   The chapel at the historical park is so beautiful and quaint.  The entire park is definitely something to see if you’ve never been before!  I worked with Audrey and her parents to plan and coordinate the reception in their home.  Side note about the bride–Audrey was the first roommate I had when I transferred to UNT!  It was just potluck but I’m so glad we were placed together as roomies and have kept in touch over the years.  Anyways, back to the reception…Audrey’s family and friends moved almost all of the furniture upstairs from the entire downstairs area in order to create space for the reception.  Big job but it worked out great!  I rented tables, chairs, linens, trash cans, wine glasses, and a table-top bar from United Party Rental Center out of Carrollton.   Enjoy the photos and other details of the wonderful reception!

cocktail-tables-and-dance-floor-areaThis is the dance floor area.  I rented 3 “highboy” tables which are basically tall, cocktail tables.   They are great for areas where you want to free up as much space as possible while still giving your guests an area to set their drink and plate.  All of the tables were covered in a floor-length black linen and silver organza overlay.  We rented classic white wooden chairs and set them up at the tables and throughout the downstairs area.  My wonderful husband, Sean (pictured) , was so nice to come with me and help on the day of the wedding!

cocktail-tablesAnother view of the cocktail tables.  Audrey’s mother, Beverly, created the beautiful centerpieces on the tables.  She used black stemless wine glasses filled with 3 gorgeous white roses.

cake-tableThis is the cake table set up in the formal dining room.  Panini Bakery & Cakes out of Dallas created the beautiful cake.  Audrey & Michael decided to combine the bride and groom’s cake into one (two different cakes/flavors) to better suit the 70-guest reception.  No need to spend tons of $$$ on cakes when one cake will do!  There was even plenty of cake left-over.  The plates (Fiestaware) you see in the background were from Blue Mesa Grill and were for the delicious dinner buffet!

seating-in-denThis is the den area where we had a 60″ round table and a 48″ round table set up.  Also, to the left, are the 3 pieces of furniture that were not moved upstairs–a couch and 2 chairs.  Yes, the men in the photo were watching a basketball game while final preparations were being made 🙂

outdoor-seatingThis is the outdoor seating.  I twisted the silver organza overlay to help it stay put since it was breezy.  It was a beautiful day!

Congrats Michael and Audrey!!!

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Holly took great care of us, she comes highly recommended by the Stark and Lawson families.

Without Holly this would have been a monster she saved us uncountable hours and stress!

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