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Rainbow Magic Fairy Party

Posted on: November 16, 2009

They say that variety is the spice of life…if that’s the case then my life has been extra spicy lately!  I feel so blessed to be the event planner of such a wide variety of events–from weddings, to political events, to non-profit Galas, and yes, even to a Rainbow Magic Fairy birthday party for sweet little Hope.  Nov. 14th was the perfect day for her outdoor party and it was pleasure for me to help her celebrate her 8th birthday!  Enjoy the photos courtesy of my assistant for the day, Kamil Ross:

The party favor table in the entry hall.  These cute little goody bags were filled with magical fairy and rainbow themed items.  Many I selected from Oriental Trading–a great place for party favor items!

Hope’s mom (Carol) had this banner printed up and I tied some balloons on either side.  This is in their living room and we had Hope sit in a chair here, in front of the banner, to open all of her cute gifts while her guests chowed down on cake and ice cream.

This was the amazing inflatable I rented: part bounce house, part rock climbing wall and part giant slide–how can that NOT be fun?!?  Side note: It is really BIG so make sure you have a really large back yard or plenty of room at your function!

I rented 3, 8 ft. long banquet tables and white plastic “wedding” chairs for the seating.  We set the tables in a “U” shape–we had a lime green table, hot pink table and bright blue table.  The fourth “party color” table cloth (purple) was used on the food table which was set up closer to the house on the patio.  This photo also shows the helium balloons in those 4 colors–we tied one to each chair except for the B-day girl’s chair and she got all 4 colors of balloons tied to her chair!

Each girl received a T-shirt (all 4 colors seen here) and fabric markers to decorate their shirt.  The color of their shirt also put them in their team for the scavenger hunt that took place after lunch!

The lovely centerpiece that Carol and her mother made out of the materials I purchased from PJ’s Party Supply.

The cake table featuring a rainbow magic fairy cake made out of sparkly fondant (the inside was rainbow colored cake!).  Sticking out of the top of the cake are the fairies from the Rainbow Magic Fairy books (that’s where the theme came from).

Cake up close.

All of the girls having a blast!  Other party activities not pictured were the scavenger hunt that ended in loads of silly string and confetti, the rainbow pinata, and girls going nuts on the inflatable 🙂

Stay tuned for information and photos about my next gig!

9 Responses to "Rainbow Magic Fairy Party"

Hi there, I love your ideas for the rainbow fairy themed party! My daughter also wants a Rainbow fairy party this year. I’m wondering if you would tell me where you found the images that you used for the cake toppers? I’ve searched all over the RF website, and cannot seem to save any images as pictures. Any help you could offer would be much appreciated!

Yes, I was wondering the same thing about the cake toppers. Did you copy the images from the books and are they 2-sided?

Beautiful party, thanks for sharing.

    The person who made the cake made the cake toppers herself so I think she either copied the images from books or on-line. There are some great Rainbow Magic Fairy resources on-line. They were not two-sided. Glad you liked it!

Thanks so much for the great ideas. I had no idea where to start with this theme!

Brilliant!!!! Your cake has just given me the answer to how to get the rainbow magic fairies on my daughters birthday cake – I usually use toys, but there aren’t any RM dolls as far as I know in the UK – I’ll put them on wobbly sticks! You’ve made my day! Thank you for posting the photos.

This cake is the inspiration to my daughters 6th birthday cake next week! The cake toppers I ordered from ebay are pale and rubish so was panicking how to make them…… have copied images, cut them out and used florist wire 🙂 Now to the rainbow cake……. Sam

Glad the post could help you! The cake toppers used from this birthday were similar to what you ended up doing with the florist wire. Hope the party goes well!

My daughter would love to have this rainbow magic cake. I would like to make this for my daughter. Did you get the idea from a website and if so which one?

Hi Annie,

A friend of the family whose birthday this was for made the cake and toppers. I believe she just copied the images from books or on-line. There are some great Rainbow Magic Fairy resources on-line (you can google it) & also Rainbow Magic Fairy books at Barnes & Noble and probably your local library as well. The toppers were not two-sided–she just put the images on stock thick enough that they could be held in place on the cake by toothpicks. Hope this helps!

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