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Posted on: November 17, 2010

After I accepted a part-time job as Executive Director of the Lake Cities Chamber of Commerce back in late March, I said good-bye to my event planning business, Something to Celebrate.  I knew between being the Chamber’s first Exec. Director and wrangling an energetic toddler, I had to cut something out.  I thought at first I would still update this blog quarterly with fun event planning tips and local event information but as you can see I failed there!

I am now back in the “bloggy” mood but instead of sticking strictly to event planning topics, the Something to Celebrate blog will celebrate living locally…great local businesses, local events I find interesting (of course what I think is interesting is most important right?), and Lake Cities Chamber members who are making a difference.  I really find the concept of living locally fascinating and I think if we all did it more our communities would be better and economy more stable.  AND, since I have a history of having my own business I think I understand a little of what our small business owners go through.  I hope this blog bring some much-deserved attention to our small business owners who pour their heart and souls (and pocketbooks) into what they do!

So stay tuned, share with me your favorite local businesses/events and let’s celebrate living in the great North Texas community!

I shall end this post with a photo that symbolizes one of the best parts of our community…

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