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T.C. Salon & Spa

Posted on: November 24, 2010

Each week I plan to feature a different local business who is doing things right and offers a great service/product!  Some will be Lake Cities Chamber members and some won’t but those who aren’t SHOULD be haha. 

This week I’d like to tell you about TC Salon & Spa in Corinth.  They are Chamber members (shout out!) and owners, Chuck and Tracey Colburn, have really worked hard to renovate their space and turn it into a full service day spa as well as salon.  TC Salon & Spa is in the space where Eclipse Hair Studio used to be (beside Daisy Cleaners and Point Bank on Swisher across from Walmart).  They remodeled the space, freshened it up and added spa services to the menu.

So not only can you get your hair done locally but you can also get a fantastic pedicure, relaxing massage and a soothing facial all in the same place!  Since this is where I get MY hair done (kudos to Tracey for doing wonders with my fine, limp strands) I can testify to their professionalism and the beauty of the salon/spa.  Tracey also does a great job on eyebrows and she did mine spur of the moment after she finished my hair at my last appointment.

One of the things I really love about TC Salon & Spa is that you don’t even have to pick up the phone to make an appointment.  They have on-line booking!  You can select your stylist (or choose no preference), your preferred service(s) and when you’d like to come in.  Then they send you an e-mail confirming your appointment.  It’s a beautiful thing and takes just seconds.  Or, if you’re not into this sort of thing you can call 940.343.0987.

Chuck and Tracey are a prime example of business owners who really care about their customers and the type of experience they give them.  They are also two very generous people who have donated gift certificates to charitable organizations just to support our community.  I hope we can all support them as well!

Ladies–I know our hair is a very precious thing and choosing a hair stylist is like choosing your first born’s name.  However, you can trust the stylists at TC Salon & Spa.  If you’re still sweating about it go get a pedicure first. You see, sometimes you have to work up to these things.

Tomorrow I am taking Hannah to TC Salon & Spa to get her first professional hair cut.  I have just been trimming it thus far–the poor girl has my hair and it has grown in very s    l    o    w    l    y.   But now that she is starting to resemble a lion in the mornings or when a strong wind blows I decided it’s time to introduce her to Tracey.  I will take pictures and post tomorrow.

? of the day: What is your favorite service to receive at a salon or day spa?
I reallllllly love a good massage but then again I also love just getting my hair shampooed and conditioned…makes me sleepy just thinking about it.

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