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Crickle’s & Co.

Posted on: December 7, 2010

Fluffy pancakes, savory breakfast tacos, perfectly moist muffins, creamy cheesecake, even delicious soup…all homemade…all outstanding…all local…inside New York Sub Hub?  Did you say a sub shop?  Yes, yes I did.  But it will all make perfect sense once you stop in for breakfast or lunch to give Crickle’s & Co. a try!

I love that Crickle’s is owned and operated by a mom & daughter duo.  Cristal (the daughter) is a former pastry chef from Dallas who broke free to start her own business with her mom Donna.  Both are amazingly talented ladies who can make any of your meals cricklelicious…trust me, when you can make cinnamon rolls like they do you can come up with your own words 🙂

When I was pregnant with Hannah I became addicted introduced to Crickle’s sweets.  I loved eating sandwiches at NY Sub Hub and one day a light from heaven shone down on a glass covered display of homemade yellow cake with chocolate icing.  How could I say no?  Then one day it shone upon Reese’s peanut butter bars.  I may or may not have also tried their brownies and banana pudding.  It was Hannah’s fault of course.  I may not be indulging as often as I did back then but I still can’t resist that cake of theirs!

I also have ordered catering through Crickle’s and was highly impressed!  For one event I had they made these special scalloped potatoes made with russet AND sweet potatoes…they’re always adding a special touch like this to their dishes.  Their catering prices are also great–they can work with any budget.  Let them cater your holiday event…you won’t be disappointed with their savory and sweet offerings.

Crickle’s is an excellent supporter of the Lake Cities Community and they also just joined the Lake Cities Chamber so double woot!  Give them a try for breakfast (stay updated on their specials via their facebook page), grab one of their brownies with your sub (hey you’re balancing it out with a healthy sandwich) or order one of their fab pies/cheesecakes/cakes for your holiday get-together!  Place your order soon, though, because word is starting to spread about this mom-daughter operation inside Sub Hub (214-476-2568).

What’s your favorite Crickle’s treat?

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