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Coffee Done Right

Posted on: March 12, 2011

Even though I’m trying to cut back on my caffeine addiction habit, I still love a good cup of coffee and if I’m going to pay someone else for it then I want the experience to be great.  Since this blog is about locally owned businesses, I will not be mentioning the giant coffee company whose name references the high $ amount you will be spending on java 🙂

So now let us compare what I am choosing to call “Coffee Shop A” and “Coffee Shop B” (both in the Denton area).

Coffee Shop A–

  • First of all, the place basically has two parking spots so lucky you if you get one!
  • Hannah and I walk in and the “barista” (that’s a stretch here) doesn’t even look up.  I order my latte and then ask what kind of muffins they have & he seems annoyed I even asked but rattles off a list of 3 choices.  Doesn’t he know Hannah and I need our carbs?
  • So I take our cold muffin (I think he just thawed them out from the freezer an hour ago) and we head to find a table…it’s at this point I notice it’s kinda cold in here but I convince myself it’s because the area where you place your order is by the entrance.
  • We go towards the back of Coffee Shop A and I realize there is no central heating system in here and mind you this was a very cold day in December.  We sit down and I notice there is a little air filter machine over in the corner.  Wait a minute, it’s not an air filter, it’s a tiny space heater!  Hannah and I move to a table and pull the heater as close to us as possible because we are freezing and the cold muffin is not helping.
  • The barista hollers that my latte is ready so I go pick it up and get back to our space heater as quickly as possible.  I take one sip and almost die.  I love strong coffee but this tastes like pureed expresso beans with a drop of milk.
  • Then Hannah notices the “art” on the walls…I look over to where she is pointing and am not ready to discuss male/female anatomy with my 2 year old.  Time to get outa here!  Plus my car heater is way better.

Coffee Shop B:

  • Plenty of parking spaces…a good start.
  • Definitely have a heater so still getting better.  There are also nice couches and comfy chairs along with regular tables which creates a cozy environment.  Great music is playing in the background.
  • There’s art on the walls but it’s safe for a 2 year old…no awkward questions, nice.
  • Hannah and I walk up to place our order and the barista (a real one) says Good Morning what would you like?  Acknowledgment of our presence, sweet!
  • I have a coupon for a smoothie so Hannah gets that while I order a 20 oz. of their Coffee of the Day.  They have these cool little machines that you get your cream, half/half, or skim milk from.  Just press a button and the perfect amount comes out.
  • Hannah chooses one of the tall tables with big chairs near a window.  We also ordered a quiche and a muffin so we enjoy our beverages while we wait on our goodies.
  • The barista brings our order to our table and it’s WARM!  Both the bacon & cheese quiche and the cappuccino chocolate chip muffin are amazing.  I’ve tried all kinds of their muffins but the cappuccino one is my fave.
  • Hannah and I have great breakfast conversation and truly enjoy our CAFE’ DU LUXE experience.
  • “Coffee Shop B” definitely understands what it means to create a great experience with quality food/drink.  They also have live music, happy hour (they offer wine and desserts too), and a lunch menu.  I’ve eaten lunch there as well and it’s just as good!
  • I read an article in the DRC about the owner of Cafe’ Du Luxe and it said that he worked at the large coffee chain I mentioned at the first of this blog just so he could better understand the coffee business and see what he wanted to do differently.  I really admire the hard work/research he put in before opening his own business

I won’t mention the actual name of “Coffee Shop A” but if you’re a Dentonite you can probably figure it out 🙂  Just give Cafe’ Du Luxe a try…you won’t be disapointed and you’ll stay warm (or cool) in there!


2 Responses to "Coffee Done Right"

Thank you so much for the wonderful write up. My husband and I own Cafe Du Luxe and we are so proud of your comments. Spread the word about us please!!

Thank you so much for reading my blog! I think you and your husband are doing an amazing job. Keep up the good work. I am always telling people how much I love Cafe Du Luxe 🙂

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