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Staycation Part 1

Posted on: May 18, 2011

Noun: A vacation spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.

Because we have a limited vacation budget and a 3 year old, Sean & I thought it best to go the “staycation” route for his 9 days off from work.  We decided we would use this week to frequent our favorite Denton spots we usually only get to go to on a special occasion and also try out some new places in the area.  I will be doing several posts with staycation updates but this one will cover Friday evening through today (Tuesday).  Hopefully this will encourage you to try some new places in the Denton/Dallas/Ft. Worth area …and learn from our mistakes 🙂

Friday evening, May 13th:
After a dinner at home that I cooked we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and walk with Hannah in the jogger over to Bliss, a frozen yogurt place.  I love this place–we’ve definitely been there before, especially since it is just around the corner from our house.  We had a $1 off coupon (one of those that is part of the long strip you get hung on your door) so that was a plus.  I love all the different flavors of frozen yogurt & toppings you can choose from plus it’s fun for kids to build their own treat.  AND it’s not loaded with sugar so your kid will sleep at night 🙂

Saturday, May 14th:
Lunch at the new (or new to me) Weinberger’s Deli just off the Denton square.  Fail moment: didn’t know it was UNT graduation weekend and the place was packed so it took awhile to get our food.  Win moment: we had a good coupon and the food was super  Hannah & I had this turkey sandwich that had avocados, cheese and this really good basil mayo.  The sandwiches automatically come with Lay’s Potato Chips (bleh) but next time I will just sub those for one of their other sides because they looked really good.  Saturday evening I made homemade pizza & we watched the Jonah Veggie Tales movie…sometimes the 3 year old wins out…okay a lot of times.

Sunday, May 15th:
After church we had Sean’s favorite–LEFTOVERS! for lunch (sarcasm).  But he ate them anyways.  I needed to clean out the fridge.  Had dinner at another one of our Denton favorites, a fairly new restaurant at Unicorn Lake called Los Toreros.  The weather was awesome so we ate outside on their patio.  Really nice.  And yes, we had a coupon, how did you know?!?

Monday, May 16th:
My mom offered to baby-sit (hallelujah chorus begins) so Sean and I did some birthday shopping for Hannah, made a Costco trip (I know, we are fascinating people), had lunch at Pei Wei in Denton (no coupon, boo!) then saw Thor in 3D at the Rave in Hickory Creek (2 free passes woot!).  I realize Pei Wei is a chain BUT we hardly ever get to eat there bc Hannah does not dig it at all and I was majorly craving their Vietnamese chicken salad rolls…get them, so good!  After we got home while Hannah was napping I went for a nice run–loving this weather!

Tuesday, May 17th:

Sean & I have talked about going to the Dallas World Aquarium for years so we decided we’d finally spring for the $40+ it would cost us to go and just go.  We figured Hannah would like it which she did.  It was a fun family outing but let’s be real here–$21 per person is WAY too much for what you get.  Plus you have to pay $6 to park on top of admission.  But, it was fun for that special vacation memory…just wasn’t as impressive a

s I thought it would be paying that price and all.  We ate lunch at Sonny Bryan’s in the West End which was pretty good but nothing extraordinary.  My chicken sandwich was really good and their sauce is awesome  but my onion rings were not good and the green bean casserole had too much pepper.

So far so good though!  Have any staycation recommendations for us?

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