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Renata Salon & Day Spa

Posted on: May 28, 2011

My mom and I looooove a good spa day!  We frequent Sutera Spa in Flower Mound but also enjoy trying new spas.  I did some research and found the Renata Salon & Day Spa in downtown Grapevine.  It really stood out to me in my spa internet search because it is located in the “Dorris House”, a historic, Victorian style home built in 1896.  I also liked its close proximity to Grapevine’s Main Street which is just so cute with its many restaurants, bakeries and fun shops.

We really enjoyed our treatments at Renata but to re-cap our full experience, here are my lists of what I thought was fabulous and what was not-so-fab at this spa:

The Fabulous:

  • Beautiful atmosphere: when you first walk in you notice the gorgeous spiral staircase and then the waiting area (picture above) showcases a comfy couch and cute animal print chairs.  Treatment rooms are also very beautiful.
  • The beautiful jewelry and Bumble & Bumble products they sell and have on display in the waiting area.  I had to buy some B&B Coco shampoo because I love what it does to my hair and it has the best smell EVER.
  • They brought us a complimentary mango Bellini while we waited for our treatments….mmmmm
  • The staff are super-nice
  • They have their own line of amazing make-up and let me try it all on after my spa treatment while I was waiting on my mom (see photo above).
  • In the same room with the make-up is a nice sitting area, beautiful windows overlooking downtown Grapevine and lots of magazines to read while you relax or wait on your spa buddy (photo to right).
  • Their pricing for services is pretty on-par with other local area spas.
  • They offer a variety of massages and body treatments plus there is a salon on the first floor.  I had a body wrap and it was great because it wasn’t one of those where they make you “sweat it out”–they just painted some stuff on me and wrapped me in saran wrap…tmi?  My mom had a 90 minute massage and said it was wonderful.

The Not-So-Fab:

  • Once we arrived and filled out one page of paperwork there was really no quiet, “spa-like” place for us to go.  At other spas you can go change into a robe/slippers and relax somewhere.  At Renata we just sat in their “waiting area” which was nice but a highly trafficked area and we never got to change into a robe.
  • The spa treatment rooms are not completely private.  My mom could hear everything Polka (the lady who did my body wrap–love her name!) and I were saying in our room because the walls do not go all the way to the ceiling.
  • There are no  “extra amenities” as I like to call them such as a sauna, hot tub or cold plunge/pool.

All in all we enjoyed our time at Renata Salon & Day Spa!  On a 1-10 “spa scale” with 1 being a spa I’d never recommend to my worst enemy and 10 being the best spa I’ve ever been to, I would give Renata a 7.  We left very relaxed and ready to take on downtown Grapevine.  I will do a separate post about our experience on Main!

*If you are a spa and would like to be reviewed or “secret shopped” please contact Holly at!* 

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