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2011 Favorite Things: Pregnancy Edition

Posted on: January 6, 2012

I thought a great first post of the new year would be to take a look at some of my favorite things from 2011.  I believe it’s good to celebrate the past before setting new goals and looking towards the future.  I call this list the Pregnancy Edition because many of my favorites were heavily influenced by the fact I found out I was pregnant in August!  You don’t have to be pregnant to enjoy these favorites though so read on and have no fear if you are of the male species or not with child 🙂

2011 Favorite Things

Sutera Spa
This is the day spa in Flower Mound my mom and I most frequent.  I love that it’s not too far from home and has such a nice, cozy feel from the moment you walk in.  The staff are great, they offer a variety of services, always have good monthly specials and even offer a complimentary infrared heat sauna.   I am loving the prenatal massages there right now–simply amazing.  They had a great Holiday Open House in December and my mom and I had a blast that evening.  We both came home winners of gift baskets that had hundreds of dollars of beauty products in them!

Denton Square Donuts
This place is such an awesome addition to the Denton Square!  If you’re a Dentonite, this place is located where The Hydrant Coffee Shop used to be on Oak Street.  The Hydrant was one of my fave places to get coffee so I was sad to see it go but if something had to replace it then it should definitely be donuts…and not just regular donuts but BAKED, square shaped ones!  You can even pretend that these are healthy for you (just ignore the sugary toppings) since they are baked.  They remind me of puffed pastry and are so fresh tasting–tons of toppings to choose from also.  Hannah loves em’…she told the lady working behind the counter after she finished her sprinkles donut and half of a “piggie” donut (yummy little sausage on top): “I mean, those were TOO GOOD!”

So Perrier and sparkling water in general were not something I was too crazy about pre-pregnancy but once I hit about 23 weeks, I became obsessed!  I purchase Perrier by the case from Sam’s or Costco to keep the cost more reasonable.  Still cheaper than Sbucks though!  Costco has the Grapefruit and Citron flavors but Sam’s has it in the glass bottles.  It’s probably something in my crazy preggo mind but I think the Perrier in the glass bottles tastes better, even without the flavors.  I love it because it is so refreshing (especially when it’s super cold), has 0 grams sugar and hardly any sodium.  Great soda alternative!

Inspire Yoga Studio
This yoga studio opened January 2011 in The Shops of Highland Village and I started going to classes in May.  The classes are very reasonably priced and they even offer a free class on the 2nd Sunday of each month.  The instructors are awesome and I always get a great workout every time I go…probably because they keep the studio pretty warm so you can get your sweat on.

Mt. Olive Petite Snack Crunchers (Kosher Dill)
I love pickles even when I’m not pregnant but these are the best–extremely crunchy, small and just the right amount of vinegar/salt.

Game-On Athletics
This is where I take Hannah for her Tot Time class and I also did an awesome Boot Camp class there in December.  Tot Time is an hour of active play for kids 1-5 years old (they split up the older from the younger ones).  They do all kinds of exercises and learn sports skills–it gives the kids a good taste of a variety of sports like soccer, T-ball, basketball and gymnastics.  It’s great kid-to-kid interaction for Hannah and also helps her take a good nap that day 🙂

Greek Gods Greek Yogurt
I like the plain version so I can mix in fruit/granola.  Another of my faves that goes along with this one is homemade granola and I stole my recipe from this great blog here.  Since I’m trying to gain weight right now with this pregnancy I buy the full fat version of this yogurt (which tastes fabulous like cheesecake) but it also comes in non-fat varieties.  This is my favorite kind of greek yogurt and I’ve probably tried them all!

This Guy & This Girl
What can I say, 2011 wouldn’t have been near the adventure without my awesome husband Sean and sweet girl Hannah.  They make every day of every year a blessing.  We are so excited to welcome Leia Danielle in April of this year–I’m sure she’ll make the favorites edition next year 🙂  Happy 2012!

3 Responses to "2011 Favorite Things: Pregnancy Edition"

I soooo want one of those square donuts RIGHT NOW! Love this post!

I know, they are so amazing! Next time you come see us we are def going there 🙂

Can’t wait to try a square donut!!!

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