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A Veggie Tales 4th Birthday Party

Posted on: June 5, 2012

Our sweet girl Hannah turned 4 on May 18th and we celebrated in Veggie Tales style the next day with a party at our house.  The party itself was only 2 hours (long enough trust me) but the bounce castle was set up by 11 am so you can imagine Hannah’s excitement at getting it all to herself for several hours prior to her party starting.  I did make her take a break to eat lunch and lay down to rest which she heavily protested of course.   Here is the bounce castle in all its glory:
ImageWe rented this from Joe’s Jumps, a local company that serves Denton and surrounding areas.  They have a great variety of nice jumpers at great prices so I highly recommend them.

This was Hannah’s first party with friends (aka little people) invited.  I definitely recommend a bouncer if kids are involved in your child’s birthday party–it keeps them out of the house, entertained and wears them out so they will sleep well that night 🙂  Here are some of my favorite pics of the kids (big and small) in the  bouncer:

H & friend Cameron

Hannah’s Great Grandmother, Oma (yes, she jumped inside too!)

H & her Aunt Tiffany

I made several of the Veggie Tales characters for decorations and games.  We did pin the nose on Bob:

Now lets move indoors where I did let the children go periodically 😉  Here is the food table.  My friend Megan who owns Tiny Kitchen Cakery, made the adorable Laura the Carrot cake.

Not pictured were the Veggie Tales balloons.  I ordered these from the Veggie Tales website and I would NOT recommend them.  Many of them busted when Kroger tried to fill them with helium–cheaply made.  Of course no party is complete without favors:

It was a great time and so fun seeing Hannah just love life!

9 Responses to "A Veggie Tales 4th Birthday Party"

I hate it that we missed this one… Looks like she had a good time though. We miss you guys.

Aww, we definitely missed you guys too (but you had a pretty good excuse for not being there)! Thanks for sending H the Veggie Tales books in the mail–she was SO excited to get a gift from you and Melinda.

What a cute cake!

Hi, where did you get the veggie tale snack? So cute…Love your idea abou the spoons and fork. So nice

Hi, thanks for your comment! I purchased the Veggie Tales fruit snacks from our local Kroger store–they are actually Kroger brand fruit snacks so they’re pretty cheap!

Hi, Great party and theme! Can I ask….what crunchy thing did you put inside the snack bags?

Thanks! They are the baked cheese puffs. You can also use Cheetos.

Great! I appreciate the inspiration. Am planning a veggie tale party for next week and stealing a bunch of your ideas 🙂

Awesome, glad I could inspire! Steal away!

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