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A New Season

Posted on: September 8, 2012

I’m not just talking about the fact that the pumpkin spice latte’ is back so obviously that means it’s fall.  I actually mean a new season of life for Sean and I.  We are now parents of a preschooler!  I was warned that Hannah’s first day of school would leave me teary eyed and although I am a sappy person (especially since I’m still hormonally challenged nursing a 5 month old), tears were not shed.

I have tried my best to cherish and appreciate every stage with Hannah (even the not-so-fun stages of potty training and trying to be the boss).  Because whether the stage is sweet or painful, it passes in the blink of an eye.  I know one day I’ll look up to see her walking down the aisle (that makes my stomach hurt right now) and so I want to enjoy every moment I have with her before sending her into the care of some hairy legged boy (as my Dad would say).

So, I have no regrets about Hannah’s infant or toddler stage passing too quickly because I was present for those stages–trust me, I remember it all 🙂  And now, her entry into school is another stage to cherish.  God’s Word tells us to be content no matter what phase we’re in (Holly International Version).   It’s easy for me to think on the past or the future but it takes effort to be in the present.  There are so many blessings though when you’re present–you notice and appreciate the little things more.  I try to “memorize” these moments, facial expressions, hugs and kisses so that one day I will have an entire bank of good memories to recall when my house is empty of little girls!

Okay, enough sap.  Here are some photos of Hannah’s first meet the teacher night.

Getting Ready (of course you must have painted fingers and toes, curly hair and a fancy dress to meet your preschool teacher):

Her carpet square

Hannah and Ms. Jennifer

At her desk

1 Response to "A New Season"

Good word! Hannah looks adorable and I love the creative lunches 🙂 I am enjoying the extra time that Pre-K has brought to our schedule, I forgot how quiet the before talking stage was, or maybe Linden was never quiet…

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