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Pre-K is Smelly

Posted on: September 9, 2012

And trust me, when you’re in Preschool you WANT a smelly and you want it bad.

Hannah had her first day of Pre-K last Tuesday (Sept. 4th) and she had a fabulous time!  She learned a lot but I think preschool is as much about training the parents as it is the kids.  For example if you do not have a “schooler” you probably have no idea what a smelly is (I didn’t before day 1).  I’ll save you the Google though.  A smelly is yummy smelling chapstick that gets rubbed on your hand as a reward.  Hannah said she received a smelly for getting on her carpet square quickly when asked.  Why didn’t I think of this reward tactic?!?  This could have really come in handy during potty training.  Preschool, you have amazing (& affordable) secrets!  Stop holding out on me!

The other things I had to learn on the first day of school were the following:

  • The backpack does not come inside the classroom.  It goes outside against the wall underneath a cute little sign with your child’s name on it.
  • Do not leave the lunchbox inside the backpack.  It goes in the big box by the classroom door.
  • The folder is important.  Do not forget it.  Bring it to school each day and put it inside the box on the little table outside the classroom door.  Then take it back home with you and read everything inside the folder. Then take out what you read and send back an empty folder.  Don’t mess this up.
  • There is a sign with a green smiley face, a yellow not so great face and a red sad face.  Each child has a clothespin w/ their name on it that gets attached to this sign according to how they behaved that day.  Pray for green.  Or tell your child they will get a green kermit the frog toy if they get all greens the first week 🙂
  • If you don’t make sure your Foofa special designed lunch you made to ensure your child will eat at lunchtime isn’t close to the top of the rubbermaid container you put it in, it WILL get “scrambled” up by lunchtime and not look like Foofa anymore.  Lesson learned.  My Plex lunch on Day 2 did not get scrambled thank you very much Hannah.

Leaving for the 1st day of school

Ah preschool, you really are cute.  Hannah loves you and I love the 5 hours you give me to nurse her little sister, clean, work-out and eat in peace.  Seriously, though, Hannah’s teachers Ms. Lori and Ms. Jennifer are really wonderful.  Her chapel and PE teachers are also great.  Hannah says she loves running around screaming and singing silly songs in PE.  Preschool is developing a love for school in her that I prayed she’d have.  We are so thankful for her school and the fact that they are teaching her about God’s love & Jesus along with all things smelly 🙂

Here are some pictures of the lunches I made for Hannah for her first week of school.  I really did have fun making these for her and they did their job–Hannah devoured them.

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