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Show & Tell (upgraded)

Posted on: September 19, 2012

Show & Tell goes way back right?  When I was in school we would just bring something we thought was cool to show our class.  There was no theme or real organization to it–you just brought something you wanted to show off.  Now, however, Show & Tell has received an upgrade.

Hannah came home with this cute little canvas bag on the first day of school.  It had her name and also a flash card with a letter on it attached via a ring.  The first show and tell day they were just supposed to bring a “Get to Know You” item but after that they were supposed to bring an item that started with the letter on the card (each week they focus on a new letter).  Hannah loves coming up with an item that starts with the letter they are learning.

The “Get to Know You” item was supposed to be a favorite item or something that they could use to tell their class more about themselves.  Much to my husband’s baseball delight, Hannah chose to bring her Ian Kinsler teddy bear that she got at a Texas Ranger’s Game last spring because she LOVES going to baseball games with her Daddy.  In honor of the baseball bear Hannah decided to dress in her Ranger’s outfit (complete with socks) on her very first show and tell day:

I love the upgraded Show & Tell–I think it’s a great idea to help enforce the alphabet plus it’s fun for the kiddos.  The teachers told us we could keep the flash card letters they attach to the bag for review of the alphabet later.  Ah, they think of everything these Pre-K teachers!

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