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10 Reasons to “Splurge” on your Face!

Posted on: September 28, 2012

Tiffany standing in the day spa getting ready for my facial!

Yesterday I received an amazing facial given to me by my very talented and beautiful Sister-In-Law, Tiffany.  She works at Splurge Salon in Highland Village as a hair stylist and is now trained to do skin care treatments at their Day Spa.  I loved the facial (& its results) so much I wanted to share why I think you should splurge on your face too.

10.  You need to take time for yourself and you might as well spend the time on your face since that’s what everyone is looking at 🙂  If you’re a mom, you REALLY need this time and let’s just be honest–it feels good to look good.
9.  You can’t stop getting older but you CAN delay the process on your face!  Tiffany can do a “Youth Renewal” facial for you that tightens and regenerates tissue by improving circulation (from $150).  She can also do a very safe procedure called Native Collagen Infusion that helps soften lines with no needles or injections.  It is just topical strips that promote the production of collagen (from just $20).
8.  All of the facial products Splurge Salon uses are edible which means they do not contain harmful chemicals but do contain all natural products.  The scrub Tiffany used on my face was made from almond shells!  (And everything smelled really good).
8.  Protects your skin from our crazy environment.  I received the Environmental Facial (from $85) that soothes your skin and protects it from the elements. With all of the bad allergies I’ve been experiencing lately & the sun exposure I’ve had in the past, this was just what I needed.
7.  It feels oh so good.  You get to lay on a comfy bed and Tiffany also gives you an amazing hand, neck and shoulder massage during your treatment.  Soft music plays in the background and it is just heaven.  Especially if you have a really loud 4 year old at home and never have a moment’s peace 🙂
6.  Clears up your skin.  The Problematic Skin Treatment Facial (from $85) includes deep cleansing to remove excess oil followed by an exfoliation to polish away dullness and finishes with a stress clearing masque to leave troubled skin relaxed & healthy.
5.  Hydrates your skin.  The Hydration Facial (from $100) softens and replenishes moisture to the dryest skin.  This facial replenishes vitamins, trace minerals and important amino acids.
4.  Tiffany wrapped my face in a warm, moist towel that had drops of essential oils in it.  This felt amazing, smelled really good (she used Jasmine and Rosewood oils on mine) and is fabulous for your skin.
3.  LED Light Therapy.  My last pregnancy left me with a nice splotchy discoloration on my forehand (also known as pregnancy mask).  After just one light therapy treatment with Tiffany, though, the splotchy skin on my forehead is barely noticeable!  This therapy is non-invasive and reduces the appearance of sun spots, acne, blemishes and scars ($60 for 20 minutes).  Splurge Salon is the only spa in this area to offer LED Light Therapy.  The Dallas Spas start this service at around $200 for 20 minutes.
2.  So, what you’re really wondering is how much does it cost, right?  As a single income family, I get it–we watch every penny too.  It may feel like a  splurge to get a facial, but the Splurge Salon Day Spa services are very affordable and offer some services that you can usually only get in the big city (Dallas) but at half the price of the big city spas.
1.  You get a discount!  I love coupons, don’t you?  Since you’re one of my lovely readers and my sister-in-law is awesome, you can have 10% off your facial/skin care service by printing out the coupon below.  Call Tiffany at Splurge Salon to make your appointment: 972-318-0300.

So what it comes down to is you NEED a facial!  Trust me, it feels amazing and leaves your skin looking better than ever.

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