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Step away from the Google…

Posted on: December 31, 2012

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Yes, I’m talking to you Mama, who is up at 2 am in search of the real reason your 3 year old has a hacking cough and runny nose.  No, it can’t be a simple cold–this one mom says her daughter’s turned into pneumonia!

Yes, I’m talking to you, first time preggo, who likes to type in the pretty little white box every day, because is it really supposed to feel like this?  How many times can I throw up before I die?  If I drink this latte’ will my baby have brain damage?  What about Diet Dr. Pepper–this one website doctor says it’s the devil and so am I if i drink it.  Am I in labor?

Yes, I’m talking to you 2nd time Mama who has read every single internet article and discussion board after googling “colic” so you will be able to tell your pediatrician everything that ISN’T working.  And when she asks you why you think your baby has colic you simple say because you googled it–DUH!  You also enjoy a good ole’ nightly google along the lines of “Why can’t my baby sleep?!”  You’ve tried all the suggestions, including the ones from your facebook friends.

And yes, I’m talking to you, Grandma, who is googling everything your daughter is telling you that is going on with your grandkids just to cover all the bases.  I mean, she might be missing something!

If only I wasn’t talking about myself here (now you know what I google).  I’m pretty sure I’m not alone though.  Don’t tell me you haven’t tried to solve your motherhood (or even life) dilemma with Google.  Most of the time it just makes me more paranoid–unless it gives me the answer I want.  Then, Google, we are friends again.

My second child, Leia, is who I call my “challenge baby.”  She has driven me to google WAY more times than my first.  We’ve had colic, sleep issues, food allergies, sleep issues, rashes, nap issues, swing issues, car issues and did I mention sleep issues?  As a mom you can drive yourself batty trying to figure out what is “wrong” with your child.  You can beat yourself up when you read about some other woman’s “perfect baby sleep system” because you’ve already tried that and another 100 tactics that all failed.

That’s when you have to step away from the Google….and pray.  That’s when God reminds me that He has blessed me with a life HE created and I remember what a miracle life is.  If you’ve ever lost a child, you really understand what a miracle it is to even carry a baby full term and birth a healthy baby.  Jesus constantly reminds me that my children are really His and He has entrusted me with them for what will one day feel like the blink of an eye.

So, when my baby won’t sleep through the night at cough, almost 9 months old, cough, I should really view this as God just allowing me a few (ok, MANY) extra snuggles and precious moments with His gift to me.  One day she’ll be away at college and I can think back on all the nighttime “togetherness” we shared.  Then I can close my eyes and enjoy a FULL NIGHT’S SLEEP 🙂

Hang in there Mamas!

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