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I cannot believe Leia will turn 1 in about 5 weeks!  We are doing a girly Star Wars/Princess theme for her party…did her name give it away?

I will be doing a series of posts on all of the things I am creating for her party so here is the first–the invitation.  I got some pinspiration from here,  here and here of course and then created this:
Invitation no personal info

Personal information has been removed due to privacy reasons but you get the idea!  I just inserted the file into a message and e-mailed it to all our guests.  I recommend this to save money on printing, envelopes and postage.  Much quicker too!

I had a lot of fun with this and hope it gives you a few laughs today 🙂

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Image via CrunchBase

Yes, I’m talking to you Mama, who is up at 2 am in search of the real reason your 3 year old has a hacking cough and runny nose.  No, it can’t be a simple cold–this one mom says her daughter’s turned into pneumonia!

Yes, I’m talking to you, first time preggo, who likes to type in the pretty little white box every day, because is it really supposed to feel like this?  How many times can I throw up before I die?  If I drink this latte’ will my baby have brain damage?  What about Diet Dr. Pepper–this one website doctor says it’s the devil and so am I if i drink it.  Am I in labor?

Yes, I’m talking to you 2nd time Mama who has read every single internet article and discussion board after googling “colic” so you will be able to tell your pediatrician everything that ISN’T working.  And when she asks you why you think your baby has colic you simple say because you googled it–DUH!  You also enjoy a good ole’ nightly google along the lines of “Why can’t my baby sleep?!”  You’ve tried all the suggestions, including the ones from your facebook friends.

And yes, I’m talking to you, Grandma, who is googling everything your daughter is telling you that is going on with your grandkids just to cover all the bases.  I mean, she might be missing something!

If only I wasn’t talking about myself here (now you know what I google).  I’m pretty sure I’m not alone though.  Don’t tell me you haven’t tried to solve your motherhood (or even life) dilemma with Google.  Most of the time it just makes me more paranoid–unless it gives me the answer I want.  Then, Google, we are friends again.

My second child, Leia, is who I call my “challenge baby.”  She has driven me to google WAY more times than my first.  We’ve had colic, sleep issues, food allergies, sleep issues, rashes, nap issues, swing issues, car issues and did I mention sleep issues?  As a mom you can drive yourself batty trying to figure out what is “wrong” with your child.  You can beat yourself up when you read about some other woman’s “perfect baby sleep system” because you’ve already tried that and another 100 tactics that all failed.

That’s when you have to step away from the Google….and pray.  That’s when God reminds me that He has blessed me with a life HE created and I remember what a miracle life is.  If you’ve ever lost a child, you really understand what a miracle it is to even carry a baby full term and birth a healthy baby.  Jesus constantly reminds me that my children are really His and He has entrusted me with them for what will one day feel like the blink of an eye.

So, when my baby won’t sleep through the night at cough, almost 9 months old, cough, I should really view this as God just allowing me a few (ok, MANY) extra snuggles and precious moments with His gift to me.  One day she’ll be away at college and I can think back on all the nighttime “togetherness” we shared.  Then I can close my eyes and enjoy a FULL NIGHT’S SLEEP 🙂

Hang in there Mamas!

October was a busy month for us.  It seemed to fly by!  We survived our first long car trip with Leia when we traveled to Connerville, Oklahoma for my family reunion.  Even though it was only 2 hours, this was a big accomplishment for Leia who used to start screaming the instant her carrier snapped into the base.  Both kiddos did great being in the car for 4 hours in one day.  It was fun seeing so many of my cousins that I had not seen in many years and of course getting to see my Grandparents, who I had not seen in almost a year.

Hannah finished up her Fall Blastball season on the 27th.  She really came a long way during the season.  She began by being totally freaked out by the squeaking first base and ended the season jumping as hard as she could on it to make it squeak as loud as possible.  Not sure what we’re going to do yet for the Spring but I have a feeling with her love for baseball that this will not be the end of her T-ball career.  Here is her official Blastball picture:

Go Marlins!

Oct. 25th was Hannah’s Halloween Dress-Up Day and Party at her preschool.  She was Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony.  My mom, Leia and I hung around with some of the other parents after we dropped her off at her class to wait and see her “trick or treat” in the lobby.  We had no idea that this “little” trick or treating was actually the entire staff of the church dressed up and they created themed areas for the kids to visit.  They had Wizard of Oz, Charlie Brown, Snow White, Shrek, Little Bo Peep (who was hilarious because it was a male), Cinderella and some more I am forgetting.  They really went all out and it was so fun to see all the kids in their costumes light up when they visited each area.  Here are some photos of the day before we left and at school:

On the yellow brick road.

Hannah says this is her “real pony” pose.

Hannah’s Class–her teachers are Fancy Nancy.

The weekend before Halloween we did what all good Texans do–go to a Pumpkin Patch and take pictures of course!  We went to the Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch which I highly recommend.  It costs $5 to park and then everything else is free.  There are hay mazes, bounce houses, a big inflatable slide, a hay ride and tons of wooden cut-outs of characters kids love to take pictures beside.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our afternoon:

We also stopped by Sean’s work costume party and of course, Leia is in true form here:

So that sums up October!  I leave you with one final October photo of the girls that cracks me up:

English: Red Pinterest logo

English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just started doing the Pinterest thing a few months ago yet my 4 year old daughter has already caught on to the trend and now has her very own board.

This all started when our nightly “snuggle time” turned into “let’s look at stuff on pinterest” because my pinterest page was open one evening and Hannah was very curious about all the images she saw (our computer sits on a little desk near the spot where we snuggle on the couch).  Well, last night it went a step further when the hubby suggested Hannah have her own board so she could pin all her special finds there.  Of course Hannah LOVED this idea and she had such funny things to say about each of her pins that I put those thoughts in quotations below each pin.  So, when you need a good laugh you can view her board here.

I posted this on facebook and got quite the response–her board has more followers than any of mine do I’m pretty sure.  So, if you want to keep tabs on H’s nightly Pinterest finds, follow her board and the laughs shall continue.

I leave you with a recent photo of Pinterest’s newest 4 year old pinner:

Hannah and her trophy at her first Blastball Awards Presentation last Saturday

Let be noted that I never ask Hannah to pose for these pictures…this is just her own “fabulousness” that comes out during photo time 🙂

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So I realize I have no posts about our youngest, Leia, on here.  Isn’t that how it always goes with the 2nd child?  I don’t know–I’m an only child but I have heard this and now experienced it with our 2nd born. You just don’t have the time that you did when you only had one baby, you’re slower, you’re older.  You get the idea.

But little Leia is such a cutie pie and that must not go unnoticed.  She is now 5 months old in all her chubby cheek, gummy smile glory.  It’s fun to see her little personality start to shine.  She is much more laid back than Hannah was as a baby.  She likes to sit and observe but when you have a 4 year old, chatty, high-energy sister to entertain you, who needs to do more than just sit?

So, the most important part–pictures.  Here are some of her latest:

5 month old birthday pic (9.6.11)

Watching Wonder Pets w/ big sis

Also a Ranger’s fan like her sister & Daddy

Show & Tell goes way back right?  When I was in school we would just bring something we thought was cool to show our class.  There was no theme or real organization to it–you just brought something you wanted to show off.  Now, however, Show & Tell has received an upgrade.

Hannah came home with this cute little canvas bag on the first day of school.  It had her name and also a flash card with a letter on it attached via a ring.  The first show and tell day they were just supposed to bring a “Get to Know You” item but after that they were supposed to bring an item that started with the letter on the card (each week they focus on a new letter).  Hannah loves coming up with an item that starts with the letter they are learning.

The “Get to Know You” item was supposed to be a favorite item or something that they could use to tell their class more about themselves.  Much to my husband’s baseball delight, Hannah chose to bring her Ian Kinsler teddy bear that she got at a Texas Ranger’s Game last spring because she LOVES going to baseball games with her Daddy.  In honor of the baseball bear Hannah decided to dress in her Ranger’s outfit (complete with socks) on her very first show and tell day:

I love the upgraded Show & Tell–I think it’s a great idea to help enforce the alphabet plus it’s fun for the kiddos.  The teachers told us we could keep the flash card letters they attach to the bag for review of the alphabet later.  Ah, they think of everything these Pre-K teachers!

And trust me, when you’re in Preschool you WANT a smelly and you want it bad.

Hannah had her first day of Pre-K last Tuesday (Sept. 4th) and she had a fabulous time!  She learned a lot but I think preschool is as much about training the parents as it is the kids.  For example if you do not have a “schooler” you probably have no idea what a smelly is (I didn’t before day 1).  I’ll save you the Google though.  A smelly is yummy smelling chapstick that gets rubbed on your hand as a reward.  Hannah said she received a smelly for getting on her carpet square quickly when asked.  Why didn’t I think of this reward tactic?!?  This could have really come in handy during potty training.  Preschool, you have amazing (& affordable) secrets!  Stop holding out on me!

The other things I had to learn on the first day of school were the following:

  • The backpack does not come inside the classroom.  It goes outside against the wall underneath a cute little sign with your child’s name on it.
  • Do not leave the lunchbox inside the backpack.  It goes in the big box by the classroom door.
  • The folder is important.  Do not forget it.  Bring it to school each day and put it inside the box on the little table outside the classroom door.  Then take it back home with you and read everything inside the folder. Then take out what you read and send back an empty folder.  Don’t mess this up.
  • There is a sign with a green smiley face, a yellow not so great face and a red sad face.  Each child has a clothespin w/ their name on it that gets attached to this sign according to how they behaved that day.  Pray for green.  Or tell your child they will get a green kermit the frog toy if they get all greens the first week 🙂
  • If you don’t make sure your Foofa special designed lunch you made to ensure your child will eat at lunchtime isn’t close to the top of the rubbermaid container you put it in, it WILL get “scrambled” up by lunchtime and not look like Foofa anymore.  Lesson learned.  My Plex lunch on Day 2 did not get scrambled thank you very much Hannah.

Leaving for the 1st day of school

Ah preschool, you really are cute.  Hannah loves you and I love the 5 hours you give me to nurse her little sister, clean, work-out and eat in peace.  Seriously, though, Hannah’s teachers Ms. Lori and Ms. Jennifer are really wonderful.  Her chapel and PE teachers are also great.  Hannah says she loves running around screaming and singing silly songs in PE.  Preschool is developing a love for school in her that I prayed she’d have.  We are so thankful for her school and the fact that they are teaching her about God’s love & Jesus along with all things smelly 🙂

Here are some pictures of the lunches I made for Hannah for her first week of school.  I really did have fun making these for her and they did their job–Hannah devoured them.