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If you missed my previous post on Hannah’s pinterest habit you can click here ūüôā ¬†Hannah was “pinspired” by this pin so today we made our own version. ¬†Here is Hannah making her “owl face” as she calls it holding her owl creation:
¬†The pin Hannah saw used fabrics I think but we used a much more 4-year-old friendly material: construction paper. ¬†This creation is now proudly hanging on the window portion of our back door. ¬†Hannah says our next project is a Thanksgiving door hanger so I’ll keep you posted ūüôā

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English: Red Pinterest logo

English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I just started doing the Pinterest thing a few months ago yet my 4 year old daughter has already caught on to the trend and now has her very own board.

This all started when our nightly “snuggle time” turned into “let’s look at stuff on pinterest” because my pinterest page was open one evening and Hannah was very curious about all the images she saw (our computer sits on a little desk near the spot where we snuggle on the couch). ¬†Well, last night it went a step further when the hubby suggested Hannah have her own board so she could pin all her special finds there. ¬†Of course Hannah LOVED this idea and she had such funny things to say about each of her pins that I put those thoughts in quotations below each pin. ¬†So, when you need a good laugh you can view her board here.

I posted this on facebook and got quite the response–her board has more followers than any of mine do I’m pretty sure. ¬†So, if you want to keep tabs on H’s nightly Pinterest finds, follow her board and the laughs shall continue.

I leave you with a recent photo of Pinterest’s newest 4 year old pinner:

Hannah and her trophy at her first Blastball Awards Presentation last Saturday

Let be noted that I never ask Hannah to pose for these pictures…this is just her own “fabulousness” that comes out during photo time ūüôā

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We made a Boo Pumpkin. ¬†My cousin, Candace ,would be so proud. ¬†After all, she is the one who introduced me to this addiction website. ¬†I’ve determined that it is perfect for people like me who want to look crafty without having to put too much thought into it. ¬†I mean, what we’re really doing here is ripping off other people’s ideas and making them look like we simply came up with it in between zillions of loads of laundry, nursing a baby, taking the other kid to and from school and making dinner.

With that said, I shall give credit to my pinspiration…yes I just did that. ¬†I must find numerous ways to make you groan with pinterest terms ūüôā ¬†Our idea was from this pin. ¬†I say “our” here because I thought this would be a fun project for Hannah and I. ¬†Hannah helped me purchase the supplies from Michael’s first and then she helped pick out and place the buttons on the pumpkin.

So step one was buying supplies–this was not an expensive project, especially with the 40% off coupon from the Michael’s site. ¬†We bought:

  • 1 medium sized fake pumpkin (currently 50% off at Michael’s)
  • 1 package of assorted sizes of black and white buttons (used our 40% off coupon on this item)
  • Black and white polka dot wired ribbon (on clearance)

You’ll also need a hot glue gun, a paper stencil (optional) and a pencil.

Step 2: I printed out a “Boo” template on cardstock using Bodoni MT Bold font (I just used ¬†Microsoft Publisher). ¬†I cut out the inside of the letters to make a stencil.
Step 3: Trace the letters on the pumpkin.  A pencil works well for this since the pumpkin is fake and made out of some type of hard foam.  Here is a picture after I traced:

Step 4: Use the different sizes of buttons to fill in the letters and glue them on. ¬†This is where you can tell your 4 year old, “Find me a small button” and “What size button do you think we need right here?” ¬†Ah, learning. ¬†Pintereducation.
Step 5: Tie your ribbon into a bow on the pumpkin’s stem.

Here is our finished product:
We did a black and white theme.  Our pinspiration used all black buttons which I also think is very cute.

I think this is a fun Halloween project you can do with your kiddo (much more fun that getting your hands into pumpkin guts) AND you don’t have to throw the pumpkin away! ¬†Just stick it into your Halloween box when you put your other decor stuff away and enjoy again next year.

Yay Pinterest!