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Here are some photos from the Davenport-Robbs wedding reception I coordinated on April 18th, 2009 at The Ranch House in The Colony.  Although we encountered some plumbing/septic issues in the very OLD house, it was a beautiful reception and all the 215 guests seemed to have a great time!   Our prayers for the rain to hold off were answered and by the time all the guests arrived the sun was shining and a nice breeze kept everything the perfect temperature.  The Ranch House is really a house that someone used to live in so we used the main “living room” to set up the buffet and drink station.   Just behind the house we set up a big tent and all of the reception activities.  I slid the windowed walls on the back of the house open so that people could roam easily from inside the house to the tent.  People also utilized the tables in rooms throughout the house.  The photos will better explain my description!

Breezeway between both sides of the houseThis was the breezeway between both sides of the house where the guests came through to get to the back side of the house where all of the reception activities would take place.  Carolyn, the mother of the bride, put together the framed pictures of Ruth and Tim (bride and groom) as they grew up.  The table featured their engagement photos and a sign I made to direct people to the reception area.

breezeway-entry-to-back-of-houseThis is what the guests saw as they came through the breezeway to the reception area.  The florist used bright colored tulips. Robin Pratt did all of the floral arrangements and decorations–check out her website here!

front-of-tentI had a 40′ x 60′ pole tent set up for the majority of the reception seating, dance floor, DJ, chocolate fountain and cakes.  The tent had windowed walls on two sides and was open on the other two.  Because it had rained a lot the day before, we had to improvise with some ply wood to safely get people into the tent and to prevent dark black mud from being tracked into the house.  Robin (the florist/decorator) decoratively draped silver sheers over the poles (a great way to hide ugly poles on tents!).

front-and-side-of-tentAnother view of the tent.  I rented 60′” round tables and covered them with floor-length white linens.  We also rented the white wooden chairs you see here.  Basically we had to rent almost everything because The Ranch House is just an empty house with a little furniture!  I rented everything from Dallas Party Tent and Event–they gave me a great price on everything, their products are high-quality and they do a great job setting everything up.

dance-floorThe dance floor!  This floor is 16′ x 16′ and was built with a subfloor to make it level and stable.

head-tableThis is the head table at the back of the tent.  It had a white linen on top and white skirting across the front.

back-of-tentHere is a good view of the windowed walls (back of the tent).

brides-cake-2The bride’s cake!  Thanks to Delicious Cakes in Addison for the great job and VERY tasty cake!  I rented lattice pieces to go behind both cake tables.

brides-cake-3Another shot of the bride’s cake table (a better view of the lattice)

grooms-cake-2The Groom’s Cake!  Yummy chocolate.

tables-on-patioWe also set up tables on the patio for additional seating.

view-from-back-of-tentThis is just the view from the tent–the property at The Ranch House is beautiful.  You feel like you’re way out in the country when you’re actually just minutes from 121 and Plano!

fireplaceFireplace inside the house.  Gotta love the flowers on the longhorn 🙂

Hopefully this was a good glimpse into this wedding reception!  Not pictured is the awesome catering we had via Blue Mesa Grill (Plano location).  The food beautiful & delicious and the Blue Mesa staff working the reception were fantastic!  Congrats Ruth and Tim!

Next post: Stark-Lawson wedding reception!


Today when I was doing some shopping and strolling around the Denton Square I came across 2 really cool event spaces!  I definitely encourage you to pay them a visit or a book an event at these spots:


The Hydrant Cafe is located at 208 W. Oak Street between Ethan Allen and Sue’s Formal.  They not only have great coffee, but also free Wi-Fi and an upstairs room perfect for lounging or a party!  They have live music here periodically and also serve breakfast and lunch.  I tried their specialty Toddy coffee which is a coffee that is brewed for 12 hours and made to be iced.  The flavor was amazing and they even have “Sonic Ice” !  If you don’t know what I mean by Sonic Ice then Lord help you and ask your Texan friends 🙂 

Madison Jane is located at 105 W. Hickory Street.  This super cute boutique has all kinds of unique and original gift items as well as a bead store and party room.  You can take a Bumble Beads ( class or workshop here to make your own creative jewerly and decor or have a Bumble Beads party!  In their Bumble Beads event space Madison Jane will provide everything you’d need for a Bridesmaids party, Birthday party, Prom Party, Girly Party, or Mom Party.  They’ll even bring the party to you if you want to stay at home!

I always love discovering unique, locally-owned businesses like I did today.  Businesses like the Hydrant Cafe and Madison Jane are owned by real people (not corporate giants) who pour their heart and souls into serving you a quality product.  Let’s support our local businesses–they have so much to offer!  Check out Hydrant Cafe and Madison Jane whether it’s just to have a cup of Joe or play with beads 🙂

What’s your favorite locally-owned business?